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Traditional Restaurant in the IV. generation
V. generation
Over 100 years, we attract visitors
from Trier, Konz and the whole region.

Starting in 1909 with a shooting club and guesthouse, and rising to a well known and popular 3-star Hotel & restaurant.

Captain Carl Hellvoigt and his wife Juliane, the great-grandparents of today’s operators, founded the family tradition. In the 20s and 30s, many people from Trier and Konz met every weekend to dance the evening under the motto: “We go to Sekbach”.

Even today, many of our older regulars call Estricher Hof lovingly “Sekbach” says Brigitte Funk, who runs the business with her brother Bruder Karl Hellvoigt jr. and her daughter Daniela Funk in fourth generation.

In 1959 the guesthouse – drawned by the wartime – was rebuilt by the grandson of the founder, Karl Hellvoigt.

As the highway 51 was expanded and placed higher in 1978, the Estricher Hof had to move, along with the Shooting-Club, which was located here nearly twenty years.

In spring 1980, the new Estricher Hof then moved into its present building and the permanent establishment.

„The tradition is not to keep the ashes, but passing the flame“,

formulate the owner its operation slogan by Thomas More:

True to this slogan the Hotel Estricher Hof is continued today by the fourth generation of the family.

Even the future of the tradition is provided: the fifth generation will take over the business in the next few years and continue successfully.

After several modifications and extravagant renovations, the present Estricher Hof presents itself as a three star comfort hotel with a modern restaurant and a broad range of regional and national dishes and a first-class service.



The fourth and fifth generation of our family business.

From the left:
Karl Hellvoigt jr., Daniela Funk, Brigitte Funk

We want to keep the tradition and philosophy of our family and combine it with modern facets.

Your satisfaction is our goal!